Grace Ajilore Biography - Age

Born on December 20, 1991, Grace Ajilore is a youtube sensation who normally shares her hillarious videos, well we can call her an online comedian. she started her Youtube channel on May 20, 2009 and currently has over 70,000 subscribers in her channel.

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Ezi Emela Biography - Age, Wiki

Ezi Emela is an artiste and model born on May, 1991 in Manchester, England to a Nigerian parents. Her real name is Ezichimemela Ezeh and she started singing from her childhood days. Mybiohub team also found out that she formed a group with her sister and at the age of 16, she took things up a notch by getting involved with her local Church choir.

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Ezi left her home in 2009 to London to begin her modelling career which has seen her model for campaigns for the likes of Chanel, GAP, London Fashion Week, Arise Magazine Fashion Week (Nigeria) and many others. The first single she came out with was titled “Catch My Heart” which was produced by Heavy K and features UK Afrobeats royalty, Mista Silva F2D (“BoomBoomTah”) and Skob Original.

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Zander Baronet Biography - Age

Zander Baronet is a Mozambican singer of a fusion of soul , jazz, gospel and tropical / kizomba music. Born on July 9, 1990, Zander grew up between Mozambique and neighboring South Africa. Influenced by gospel, at age 18 Zander joined the choral group "Universal Gospel Choir" in Johannesburg. In the same year, the South African modeling agency "Ice Models Management" signed a contract with him to be one of the figures representing brands such as Edgars, Vintage 66, Fierce Couture and also to participate in events such as SA Fashion Week.
Zander was also the face of some television campaigns of publicity of social causes and marks such as Clere and Beacon.
Having such passion and talent to sing and compose, in 2013 Zander participated in the contest Total Challenge, where he managed to keep up until the fifth gala. In the same year Zander went into the studio and recorded and released his first single "Get Up" and "Today Nao" which featured two video clips.

In 2014, his talent was identified by the artistic agency Game Over Entertainment directed by Dx Nuvunga for the management of his artistic career and musical production. From this union was born the maxi digital single "No Para No", with 6 tracks (No Para No, Ordinal, Toca Toca, Deusa, Nosso Erro e Amore) and 3 video clips. The song No Para did not count on the participation of the singer Mozambicana, Mimae.

It was from this work that Zander gained the attention of the Mozambican and international public. His works are regularly presented on national and international channels such as Trace Toca, and AfroMusic Channel. Due to the quality of its work and its image, Zander is rapidly gaining the national and international market (Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Angola). Zander has a fan base and fan base that continues to grow.

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Shellsy Baronet Biography - Wiki

Born in May, Shellsy Baronet is a beautiful Mozambican singer who studied at FACEP - Universidade Pedagógica. She has been under criticism sometimes for indecent dressing but she seem not blink an eye for that. Her Instagram page has over 61,000 followers.

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Julia Duarte Biography

Julia Duarte is a Mozambican musician that was born in the city of Beira, Mozambique. She rose to fame when she participated in a reality show Fama Show of STV and also with her song All i need. Julia took second in the list of the most beautiful artists of Mozambique in 2012.

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Matilde Conjo Biography

Matilde Conjo is a Mozambican singer. She's not the quiet type, always very hot while performing on stage, her Instagram account already passed 170,000 followers. Matilde performs in Portuguese language.

With Neyma

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Anita Macuacua Biography

Anita Macuácua is a Mozambican singer of Marrabenta, who began her musical career, forming the duo Gitolas and Anita. She gained national recognition when she started her solo career launching great hits like Wansati  Uta lhupheka and Mozambique.

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With her emotional voice, typical Mozambican talent and sensual dancing, Anita has won awards at the country's top 3 music contests: Top Female and Ngoma and Mozambique Music Wards. Anita began her international career with the Mabulo Project.

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Asiphe Somi Biography

Asiphe Somi was born on July 11,1997. She is a business woman, producer, actress, Television Presenter and a commercial model. Her fondness for media initiated when she won auditions for being a Radio Host at the Hillbrow Radio  and being an extra in Generations The Legacy soapie. She attended Minerva High School, situated in Alexandra. Asiphe who submitted her bio to Mybiohub later studied BA in Film And Television Studies at the University of Johannesburg.

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Mantsho Maelane Biography

Mantsho Maelane is one of the most talented gospel singers in the Vaal Triangle. Her first experience with music was with her school choir, which she joined at an early age.
She later joined a church choir where her talent was identified and nurtured by her pastor, who instilled in her the discipline and faith that she needed to succeed and reach greater heights with her voice.

"My pastor has always believed in me and never doubted that I can make it in the music industry, She quips" Maelane impressive musical background spans over ten years of which four were spend in the community choir while six were spend as soloist. She released her debut album, titled " Skhululiwe" in 2006,

 Her latest album, "Ntate lerato la hao" was released in November 2009 and welcomed well by the community. Born in Boipatong on 2 October 1974, Maelane started her schooling at Phuthulla Primary and then she attended Jet Nteo Secondary school. She is the first born of three children. "I have my own family now that is very dear to me, they are my everything. God has indeed blessed me." says Maelane. She is now happily married to pastor Stephen Maelane and they have been blessed with a baby girl, Karabo.

Through the years. Maelane has grown and blossomed into an exceptional musician who has come to love and fear God. "As a young female gospel artist. I have taken the challenges of the industry in my strides', she says proudly. Although Maelane music is her passion, she is also a community builder and is involved in community projects during her spare time.

She is a full-time singer and mother, and is always available for works of God. " I am here to stay, unlike other artists who leave their home towns when they get famous. I am proud of myself and where I come from" adds Maelane.

This gospel sensation says that her future looks bright, and she would like to manage herself and have a recording studio called Maelane Production which will assist up and coming artist from Vaal. Mantsho has recently released another album called 'Ke mang ke mang"

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Cataleya Biography


Let's get to know Cataleya, his real name is Lamidi Tajudeen Oluwasola Adedara. He's an Actor and also a musician. Born in Ado-Ekiti, he attended St.Paul's primary school in Igbemo-Ekiti as well as Baptist Day primary school at Ado-Ekiti. This upcoming entertainer with talent submitted his bio to Mybiohub team. For his secondary education, he had his junior secondary education in Igbemo-Ekiti and later finished up in A.U.D. comprehensive high school Ado-Ekiti, In 2014, he moved to Lagos to chase his dreams as an Entertainer. Cataleya learnt acting under SHOLA AKINTUNDE LAGATA who is his Boss.

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Nelson-Joe Biography


Nelson-Joe gradually started doing music when he was only 13yrs and decided to follow it up at his 16yrs, He is a songwriter, singer and rapper. Nelson-Joe as the fourth child in his family, has a passion for music and also an engineering student of FUTO. He's currently the MD of Star Made Music Group in-collaboration with Divination-City records which he got Silpac, Duke Wiz, Calebz, Lil-jerry and home-boy on it. Nelson-joe hails from Imo-State Nigeria.
He dropped his latest single on December 2016 titled (hot like fire) following another collaboration debut single with Lil Jerry title (DAT).

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Lusavela Mbem Biography

Lusavela Mbem was born in September 16 1995 in the Eastern Cape (Qumbu), South Africa. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She is well known as a beautiful person who always loved fashion and style. She states “Fashion changes, but style endures.” This beauty with great future sent her bio to Mybiohub team so get to know more about her.
Lusavela Mbem resides in Cape Town with her Brother. Her mother tongue is Xhosa and she converses fluently in English.

Acting and Modelling Career 
She started modeling at a young age, landing her first Newspaper Article at age 16. Combining her exotic looks with an interest in acting, she began a film career as a teen. After early roles in Skeem at CA FILMS (2013) she gave a breakthrough performance in 2015 ON 100% Youth TV Fashion show (Bookha Creations Designs) Since then, she has earned a reputation for playing feisty.
Lusavela is also known as a beautiful singer but has not embraced that side of her at the moment.

She had free adverts with Buchanan company in Cape Town for (Libresse lifestyle) 

2013: skeem with CA Films
2017: Free lessons with CA Films(currently)

Social Media: 
Instagram: Lusah_mbem
Twitter: Lusah_mbem
Facebook: Lusavela mbem

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Hitlers Mnisi Biography


Hitlers Mnisi was born on January 16, 1989 in bushbuckridge. He studied mathematics and physical science but trained as a chef in 2012 at singita school of cooking in Kruger national park. Worked at various five star lodges and restaurant. This is what he has to say "If you want a personal chef I'm your man".

This Bio was submitted by Hitlers

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Obialor Chinomnso Biography


We have MyBioHub reader who's also a blogger, her name is Obialor Chinomnso Henrietta. She was born on 14th February 1991 with her twin and hails from Nkpa in bende local government area, Abia state Nigeria. She's the owner of and the CEO of SmilesFoundation (SF). Obialor is a graduate of biochemistry from Institute of Management and Technology,  Enugu.

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Faridah Nakazibwe Biography - Age

Faridah Nakazibwe is a Ugandan presenter working with NTV. Born in Masaka, the beautiful lady with nice curves but always decent in her dressings has been doing much well in her career.

Kisozi Boarding Primary school
Bwala Primary school

Taibah High School in Kawempe

IUIU [Islamic University in Uganda, Mbale] - Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication

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Faridah  is a Muslim by religion. She's married and with kids.

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Rouge's real name is Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi and she was born on 13 September 1992. She is a new school rapper, Hip-hop artist and ...

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