Chacha Eke Faani Biography - Profile, Family, Age

Charity Eke normally called Chacha Eke is a Nollywood Actress, who was born on 17th July. She started in the movie industry back in 2009 when she was part of Miss Nollywood talent hunt. She hails from Ebonyi State, southeastern part of Nigeria.

 The movies she has featured on include: Console my son, Sorrows of the orphan, Bloody carnival, clap of thunder, Cleopatra, dance for the prince and many more. Cha cha eke is currently married to Austin Faani.

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Chacha with Shan George

Cha cha eke and family 

Summary Of Chacha Eke's Profile 

1. Occupation: Actor/Director

2. Country/State Of Origin: Nigerian/Ebonyi State 

3. Spouse: Austin Faani(A movie director) 

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