Frank Artus Biography - Movies, Family, Profile, Instagram

Frank Artus Biography, Movies,  Family background, Profile, and his Instagram page.

Frank Artus is a Nollywood actor who was born on may 4th 1979. His father is from Egypt while his mother is from Liberia, his full name is Gregory Artus Frank.
 Frank grew up in Liberia and spent most part of his early youthful years there, and got a degree in Human resource management.

He started his career in the movie industry back in 2009 when he moved to Ghana, his first movie was Juetey: Children’s Business, which won some awards. Frank is seen as an actor with a good heart in his private life, following his contributions with humanitarian activities.

 Frank Artus and Family

Frank Artus Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: ArtusFrank 

Instagram:  bashaah_of_africa

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