Eve Esin Biography - Profile, Age

Eve Esin is an actress who hails from Oron L.G.A, Akwa Ibom State, Southern part of Nigeria. She studied Theatre Arts in University of Calabar, Cross River State. Eve once got an employment in a bank but upon resuming her work she got an opportunity to be part of a movie she once auditioned for then she abandoned the bank employment opportunity and went into acting. She officially joined the movie industry in 2008 and has since featured in many movies.

Eve Esin movies: Brothers war, Kosiso, Sister of Virtue, Amuma, Sorrowful Kingdom, Sins of the Past, Hands of Fate, The Fight for Peace, Heart on Fire and others.

According to her, the most challenging movie is Idemili, due to she gathered a lot of courage to carry a live snake in the role she played in that movie.

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Eve and Adanma Luke

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Eve Esin instagram: eveesin

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