Ahmed Waleed Biography | FIFA Referee

Ahmed Waleed

Ahmed Waleed is a FIFA referee from Sudan born 1974.

Ahmed was among the 10 assistant referees that represented African at the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup.

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Birumushahu Jean-Claude Biography | FIFA Referee

Birumushahu Jean-Claude Biography

Birumushahu Jean-Claude is FIFA referee from Burundi born 13th February 1972.

He has been a FIFA judge since 2004 and will be an assistant judge in the World Cup in football 2014.

Birumushahu is one of the assistant referees officiated in the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup.

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Camara Djibril Biography | FIFA Referee

Camara Djibril

Camara Djibril is an assistant FIFA from Senegal born 20th August 1983. He has been an international referee since 2009.

Camara was among the 10 assistant referees that represented African at the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup.

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Dos Santos Jerson Emiliano Biography | FIF Referee

Dos Santos Jerson Emiliano

Dos Santos Jerson Emiliano is FIFA assistant referee from Angola, born 1 May 1983. He is among the 10 referees who represented African in 2018 FIFA world held in Russia.

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Etchiali Abdelhak Biography | FIFA Referee

Etchiali Abdelhak

Etchiali Abdelhak is FIFA Assistant referee from Algeria, He was born June 27, 1981, in Tlemcen Algeria.

Etchiali started referee since 2012 and he was among the 10 assistant referee selected by FIFA that officiated the 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia.

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