Falana Nigerian Singer Biography - Age, Things Fall Together

Nigerian singer,song writer and multi instrumentalist, Victoria Falana was raised in Brampton, Canada, her sound began falling together in her home and although her parents were “non-musical” as she described them, they still introduced her to the sounds of Fela Kuti, and King Sunny Adé.

She then began writing love songs in the “traditional pop” style that she often heard on the radio but it was upon listening to Lauryn Hill that her powerful and honest writing style really began to take form. As she got into high school, her musical tastes expanded ans she began to explore her artistic voice.

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Falana Performing on Stage

In 2012, Falana then decided to travel to Havana, Cuba where she studied sociology at the University of Havana, and Cuban history and politics at the University of Western Ontario. There in Cuba, she was able to perform, develop and eventually record her debut EP “THINGS FALL TOGETHER”. She has been able to hone a sound that she calls “Soul Fusion”, her very own blend of jazz, soul, afrobeat, and R&B.

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