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A Ghanaian actor and producer, born on 25 August, 1985 is Toosweet Annan. He has done several movies such as Royal Diadem, “Circle of Trust”, “The Supremo”, “Living With Trisha” and many others. He sells and dominate both locally and internationally. Below is a hit into his love gist, but before then,

It has been reported that this Ghanaian actor had fake marriage promises and disappointment issues with some ladies mostly based abroad. He has been reported as scam in that wise. One of the victims "Efya" claimed that this actor is in the game of scam even collaboration with his family including his mother. That she (Efya) been in a relationship, sympathetically gave Toosweet the sum of $13,000 all in the name of using it to upgrade his business only for her to gather from sources (her sister) who reside at their country home (Ghana) with the actor that he uses and dump women after getting his target. Yet to hear Toosweet Annan' version of this report.

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