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Hubert Koundé was born on 30 December, 1970. He is a Benin-French actor and film director. He spent his childhood between Benin and France where he was born Koundé is best known for his role as Hubert in the film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz. He is also the author of a play: "Cagoule: Valentine and Yamina," performed in 2003 (Cagoule: Valentin et Yamina, montée en 2003). He made two short films: Qui se ressemble s'assemble and Menhir, and co-directed a feature film: Paris, la métisse. He has also worked on English language films such as The Constant Gardener.

Hubert has featured in more than 16 movies, over 3 films has been directed by him and has done more than 18 television shows these makes this young talented man to be so popular.

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